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The eagle has landed: Mobile site puts Lyle & Scott in your hand

Wednesday 15 December, 2010

The eagle has landed: Mobile site puts Lyle & Scott in your hand

Paris, Milan, New York, Hawick... When it comes to blending cutting edge technology and fashion, you don't usually think of the Scottish Borders as a top destination. But Lyle & Scott is changing that. And we've been working with them to re-launch their online store and give them a better mobile presence...

Long associated with high quality golf wear, Lyle & Scott has an equally lengthy association with high fashion, to the extent of designing an exclusive cashmere collection with Christian Dior as far back as 1954.

The last decade has seen the brand propelled to the top of every young fashionista's wishlist thanks to the launch of the Vintage brand in 2001, swiftly followed by the opening of a stunning flagship store in Covent Garden. The result: a period of unprecedented success, as Lyle & Scott has become the must-have brand for up and coming music, TV and film stars.

But with a whole new bunch of admirers comes a whole new bunch of demands, and Lyle & Scott knows that keeping ahead of expectations is essential. With this in mind the company approached us to help refresh its e-commerce site – and boost its mobile presence.

Christmas mobile

Phase 1 of the re-launch went live on 3 November. The previous site had been on the same platform for a few years and Lyle & Scott had outgrown it. It wasn't scalable and couldn't support the company's international ambitions. As its online business grew, there were also issues around performance and uptime.

This first phase also delivered a mobile-optimised version of the site, which was great news for us. Gavin Wilkinson, Joint MD, BT Fresca said: "The chance to get creative on a mobile-optimised version of the site was really exciting for us. We have a couple of other mobile projects about to go live, but Lyle & Scott is our first and we're very happy with it."

Keeping it simple

The BT Fresca design team redesigned both the mobile and new web site with a bold, striking look and feel that perfectly reflects the brand.

"We looked at producing a mobile app at first," explains Gavin, "but decided instead to go for a proper website instead. In the long run it's better for the retailer and it will work everywhere, so they don't need to have different apps for different devices." As well as all the usual things you'd expect to ensure the site works well on a mobile – such as optimising the images and caching the pages – we've also pared back the page content so that site always looks clean and clear on-screen.

Less is more. More is less

Similarly, we load categories 10 items at a time to make browsing easier and quicker. We've done everything we can to avoid overloading the customer, by keeping the pages as light as possible.

The buying process actually includes one more step on the mobile version than on the desktop version of the site – but again this is to make things easier. So, rather than having a page full of info, each step is short and simple with no long, complicated forms or instructions to tackle on a small phone screen.

Going beyond the borders

From a back-office point of view, the mobile site is a channel on the same application, so there are no integration issues and customers see real time data with managed stock levels. The Lyle & Scott team send the same catalogue file and same inventory file, and the orders come out of the same place for both mobile and desktop.

Despite a soft launch in November, new shopping habits (smartphones, mobile browsing etc.) mean the mobile site is growing at a faster rate than other channels (over 190 per cent since its first full month) in terms of visitors.

Over the last year the website has received on average 6,755 visits a day. Visits to the site have increased over 100 per cent from the previous year. Lyle & Scott believes the availability of new products has helped increase revenue figures by almost 300 per cent over the last year.

The BT Fresca team is also helping out with online marketing services, including traffic analysis and email campaigns and this is likely to step up a gear in the New Year as we go into phase 2, which will include creating a number of foreign language sites.

You can see the refreshed Lyle & Scott website here: (have a look at it from your smartphone as well).

To find out more about our FrescaCommerce platform and online marketing services, visit or call 0870 850 6880.

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