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New automated phone service locates the branch that callers want

Wednesday 15 December, 2010

New automated phone service locates the branch that callers want

We have a simple new way for your customers to find the location of the retail branch or store they require quickly while at the same time helping you to reduce costs.

BT's Branch Locator is a network hosted self service solution which allows customers to find the branch they want without having to navigate through complex touch tone options or waiting to speak to a call centre agent. Instead they can simply say the town name or postcode they want to locate a branch near. And because it's hosted in the BT network the good news for you is that it doesn't need any upfront capital investment, network infrastructure or specialist support skills to run.

The branch locator comes in two flavours – one that uses postcodes, another driven by town names.

With the Town Name Locator service, callers simply say the name of the town in which they want to find a store. Alongside this, the BT-hosted Store Locator service uses Postcode recognition, giving callers a choice of saying either their Postcode or town name. Postcode recognition covers all 2,925 UK postcodes.

Five features that will help increase the scope, flexibility and responsiveness of your business

1) Callers can easily choose the branch or store they require based on 1,500 principal towns and cities across the UK (not just from the local area they are calling from)

2) Option to choose from 2 or 3 branches or stores in a particular area

3) Accurate call routing for mobiles or where the calling line identity (CLI) code is not provided

4) Additional self-service options such as store directions, opening hours, special offers or simply routing the caller to the required branch or store are available

5) No transfer charges to route the caller to a branch (call transfers are handled by the BT intelligent network without tromboning or incurring 2nd leg call charges).

This service is available to existing BT Intelligent Call Manager (ICM) customers and non-ICM customers (via a Bureau service). It provides access to a range of hosted self-service applications designed to reduce operating costs and improve agent productivity by:

- automating repetitive calls (which are often deemed low-value)
- replacing complex touch tone interactive voice response menus (which frequently results in repeat calls) with one straightforward speech application
- needing no new equipment, infrastructure investment or training
- being quick to set up.

You can get a Branch Locator demo (which uses Postcode recognition) by dialling 0800 1699522. Or try out the Town Name Locator service (Flexidesk Locator) on 0800 1699521.

For more information, please contact the Product Team by emailing Pasi Vorimo at [email protected]

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