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Thursday 8 September, 2011 customers get the message with new email marketing campaign offers massive savings on leading high street fashion and sport brands. It's a simple idea – well known names, great prices. But a simple idea doesn't always mean a simple approach. Initially, the company's email marketing strategy had been to send the same message to all customers. But as the business matured and the database grew this approach simply wasn't producing the results the team wanted. So we helped create a personalised, targeted email campaign that got people buying more, and more often.

Last year, got in touch with BT Fresca's online marketing team to ask for help in enticing customers to shop more. At the time the company was using a generic approach, emailing one big database of customers all with the same message. So our online marketing expert Laura Summers dug into the data from's e-commerce site for a couple of days and came up with a new approach.

This is based on segmenting the data into different customer groups depending on when they last bought and how engaged they are with the brand, and then sending an email appropriate to each segment.

"It's been a huge success," says Laura, "and we've kept on top of the campaign all the way through, checking stats, analysing figures and refining the messages to ensure we build on the results.

"The initial data analysis and segmentation involved a day and a half looking at how many times a customer had bought, when they'd last spent, and then working out what would encourage them to come back, spend more and spend more often."

The marketing team uses a generic design template that can be adapted with messaging appropriate to each segment. This means it isn't too time-consuming, and has been relatively simple and cost-effective to get up and running.

Liz McNamara, Marketing Director at has also been delighted at the results: "Through these targeted campaigns, we've seen a marked increase in revenue and conversion rates. And we've even managed to woo back some dormant customers – those that hadn't shopped with us for over 18 months."

Get the results .com

- 48% increase in email open rates
- 52% increase in email conversion rates
- 238% increase in revenue between December 2010 and July 2011
- highest performing segment has a fantastic 75% open rate.

Of course, the company isn't resting on its laurels. Having implemented a customer lifestyle segmentation strategy, it's building on this with quarterly reviews to assess the campaign's performance. Liz and her team can then test and improve the existing content and strategy to drive further results.

For more information on our online marketing services, visit or call us on 0870 850 6880.

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