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A Christmas service menu that comes with all the trimmings

Thursday 8 September, 2011

A Christmas service menu that comes with all the trimmings

Picture the scene. 'Twas the week before Christmas... you arrive in the morning to open up for the busiest shopping day of the year. You realise there's been a server problem during the night and your tills are down – you're going to lose a lot of money. You wake up in a cold sweat. Then you remember that the BT Expedite elves are monitoring everything for you 24/7 over the festive period and they'll make sure that all your software and systems are ready for action, before the business day begins. Time to get back to sleep and dreaming of presents

Christmas is stressful enough for retailers without any added disasters. At the busiest time of the year, the pressure's really on to make sure everything goes like clockwork. It never does, of course, but it's how you handle the problems that can make or break your seasonal sales. There are three approaches:

1) Run around with your hands in the air screaming "we're all doomed".
2) Calmly fix the problems as quickly as you can and pray it doesn't cost too much in lost sales.
3) Get BT Expedite to look after it all and nip any problems in the bud – before they affect your business – so you can concentrate on other things.

We offer a Christmas service for retailers that use our store systems (Store and Object Point of Sale) that takes proactive to a whole new level. For 10 weeks, covering the run-up to peak trading and post trading analysis, we make sure that your systems are updated overnight, your data is transferred to where it needs to be and your hardware is in tip top working condition.

Making a list, checking it twice

We monitor systems 24/7 and spring into action to deal with any potential problems before they start to affect the business. This means that, in terms of ensuring all your commercial or sale activity is accurate and up to date, we do all the work. We'll also inform you of any hardware issues we come across to help pinpoint where the problems are.

The end result is that your sales staff can come in and deal with customers – and you can devote all your time to supporting them.

BT Expedite's Store support desk manager Julie Painter explains: "During the busiest trading periods, every minute lost costs money. Readiness to trade is vital. We make sure 100 per cent of a customer's tills are ready and running with no issues throughout the service period.

"Of course, lots of things can affect software; often it's an external issue. So the majority of the work we do is mitigating issues with environment, hardware etc. The most important thing is that we spot and fix issues before they affect our customers.

"For example, cashflow is a real problem at this time of year. Retailers need money in the bank, on time. But it can take up to three days to find and fix issues if something goes wrong – and that can have a devastating effect, given the economic conditions at the moment. Our service makes sure money is where it should be, when it should be."

One customer that has benefitted from the proactive monitoring Christmas service is Lifestyle Sports. IT Manager Ann Marie Keady says: "The support is absolutely vital in the run up to Christmas trading. And the proactive approach means we can be totally confident that any problems are sorted out before the start of a busy trading day. The service has proved its worth in the past and we're definitely signing up for it again this year."

Whats Covered?

Date and times: 28 November-9 January, 24/7

Proactive monitoring: We'll check the Store systems, central servers and databases.

Service protection plan:

- daily report on overall estate status issued at 8am
- high risk issues raised and actions agreed daily
- customer contacts and escalation route for emergencies agreed by 30 November
- overnight contact team numbers and weekly rota supplied
- any changes to agreed cover communicated by 5pm on the day
- BT Expedite management escalation provided 24/7
- 3rd line support provided for technical escalation
- client manager informed of any potential service interruption
- major incident management available throughout the service offering

For more information on our Managed Services and proactive monitoring over the festive period, visit or call us on 0870 850 6880.

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