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We are giving you the opportunity to read a free PDF report on your company or an alternative retailer of your choice, compliments of Retail Knowledge Bank. The Top 500 database includes most UK retailers with a turnover greater than £10 million pounds, so send an email to Melanie Naisbitt with the name of the company youd like to read about and well send you copy of the report. This offer is for retailers only.

Retail Knowledge Bank

Retailing in the UK is a highly consolidated, complex and sophisticated market place, with 85% of retail sales going through just 500 companies. To be successful in an increasingly competitive environment, it is imperative to understand the dynamics of the market and its key individual players. Our core product is The UKs Top 500 Retailers, a unique, highly regarded and indispensable information tool available on-line on annual subscription. Its strategic company profiles enable subscribers to improve their market knowledge and understanding of individual retailers; have access to unmatched competitive intelligence about and analysis of those retailers; research and plan marketing and sales initiatives; prioritise targets and facilitate making direct contact.

Furthermore, Robert Clark, who runs Retail Knowledge Bank, has written an article on the conditions facing UK retailers, exclusively for BT.

Find out more about Retail Knowledge Bank.

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