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BT announces availability of BT Expedite solutions in the Benelux region

BT Benelux today announced the availability of the Connected Retailer Store Solution. The offering reflects the increasing demand from retailers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg to invest in flexible, integrated IT systems that will help improve efficiency both in-store and across the retail enterprise.

Powered by a Microsoft RAD Award-winning point-of-sale (POS) and built on Microsoft .NET technology, Connected Retailer Store is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all in-store processes, from tills through to the back office, including integration with head office systems. The new solution improves stock replenishment processes, reduces queuing time and is deployable to multiple machines, including portable devices and kiosks. BT’s Electronic point-of-sale solution is easy to configure on multiple devices, meaning a significant set up and maintenance saving.

Store Inventory Tracking allows sales associates to locate inventory of a specific item across the enterprise, improving stock availability. The solution also opens up additional sales opportunities by making it possible to recognise a customer in the store, even if they have previously dealt with the retailer only through other channels.
Michel De Coster, CEO of BT Benelux, said: “As retailers across Europe seek out ways to gain competitive advantage through investment in technology, we believe that our solutions can truly enable them to focus on serving their customers; increasing sales and customer satisfaction at the same time.”

“This new offering indicates an increased focus on the retail sector. Ultimately, employee productivity will rise, and customers will be more likely to leave the store with new purchases in hand. As well as streamlining Point-of-Sale processes and stock control, Connected Retailer will open the door for retailers in the Benelux region to quickly adopt other innovations that can improve the shopping experience for customers, such as Electronic Gift Card.”

In the UK BT Expedite is one of the market leaders with more than 60 leading retail customers, including amongst others Mosaic Fashions and Sports World International.
John Bovill, Group IT Director of Mosaic Fashions, said: “BT’s technology gives our management teams an instant snapshot of key performance indicators across the entire retail operation, enabling our brand to remain agile and competitive. They have worked closely with us to build a credible business case and timely roll-out schedule.”

In order to simplify operations and de-risk their business, retailers can also choose to implement Connected Retailer Store solution as part of a full managed service, which includes implementation and business process improvement. The team uses a proven Solution Implementation Methodology (SIM), which has captured the best practices of more than 30 years of successful retail system implementations and formalised a standard methodology, ensuring consistency across clients.

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