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Training on BT Fresca’s platform gets telesales staff to the retail rockface in one day instead of two weeks

BT announced today that its retail specialist e-commerce division, BT Fresca, has won a three-year contract to provide the new web site and e-commerce platform for Snow+Rock, the climbing, skiing and adventure retailer (

Snow+Rock chose the FrescaCommerce platform in order to provide much easier navigation with slick filtering; separate channels for clearance or other promotions; dedicated areas for brand partners, such as The North Face, Ice Breaker and Salomon; the ability to use online offer codes and reduced training times for its telesales staff.

With the previous system, training for staff, many of whom are seasonally employed, took up to two weeks. With BT Fresca’s customer service module, training takes just one day. Snow+Rock was also keen to ensure that the new system could be implemented quickly, be intuitive for customers and easily integrate with other retail functions.

Dion Taylor, Snow+Rock’s managing director, said: “Taking our online presence to the next level is a critical investment for us. Initially, we investigated BT Fresca’s e-commerce platform as a benchmark for comparison with other offerings. However, it quickly became clear that it was the best solution on the market, and was endorsed by an impressive list of clients whose implementation experiences were exactly what we wanted.

“This coupled with the functions it offered and the way that its people went into extensive detail on the customer experience and online journey we could provide our customers, compared with what we do now made the decision for us. Also, reducing telesales training time from two weeks to one day is an incredible advantage.”

BT Fresca managing director, Sarah Hughes, said: “Snow+Rock was very exacting about its requirements for the next stage of its online presence, so we’re extremely pleased that it’s one of the first FrescaCommerce Express implementations. Knowing that the platform was used as a benchmark and for them to choose it above other solutions is a clear indication of its quality. Our design team worked closely with Snow+Rock to help them benefit from the extra functionality and enhancements available”.

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