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You don’t build a committed relationship with a 10 per cent discount. It’s all about getting to know one another better

Our loyalty and CRM solution gives you a 360° view of your customers with real-time connectivity across all sales channels.

You can analyse customer profitability, track multichannel communications and unearth your best shoppers – while managing everything centrally.

And your customers will love it. Why? Because they get messages, suggestions and special offers that they actually want.

Your marketing budget will go further – with higher open, click through and conversion rates; more people spending more money, more often.



Find out how to increase retail revenues through personalisation and single customer view

Download a copy of our latest white paper, based on our extensive market experience, it will take you through the five steps needed to begin influencing brand perception and incremental buying behaviour and show you how to increase revenues by 2 per cent:

1.Identify customer touch points

2.Analyse the data

3.Surface back to technology touch points

4.Share with frontline employees

5. Capture the behavioural impact

We’ll show you how customer data should link in real time to initiatives such as loyalty apps, consumer and corporate wi-fi, in-store and customer service, e-commerce journeys and PR activities. Download now >>

"After a review of the market, BT Expedite’s retail CRM solution shone through. We currently partner with BT in the areas of merchandising and e-commerce and we’re looking forward to working closely with the CRM team and implementing our next phase of loyalty."

Jason Moon, IT Director, Notcutts

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