e-gift cards, mobile vouchers & points-based loyalty

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e-gift cards, mobile vouchers and points-based loyalty

In an increasingly cashless society, consumers want flexible, simple ways to redeem electronic gift cards or vouchers.

As well as reducing your cost of ownership by up to 30 per cent (compared with paper-based vouchers), our award winning gift card management solution:

provides real-time updated balances

makes gift cards redeemable across the business as soon as they are activated

can be topped up for repeated use

reduces fraud

increases front-end productivity – with transactions performed in under 30 seconds.

Our mobile marketing solutions also enable you to leverage your customer insight and offer highly focused promotions direct to a customer’s mobile.


CRM & Loyalty



Set up and tailor a flexible rewards programme that really meets your needs

Our points-based reward manager tool is a multichannel, multicurrency, multi-geography, multi- or single-tiered solution that provides you with the flexibility you need to tailor your points programme.

It’s been developed over 20 years and is used by retailers in the US, Australia and the UK.

It’s flexible enough to work with vouchers, multi-purpose loyalty cards, voucher clouds, text messages and smartphone apps. And reward redemption can be push or pull – immediate discounts at the till or monthly/annual voucher awards.

You can choose to manage the loyalty tool (or parts of it) in-house or we can take care of it for you.

"After a review of the market, BT Expedite’s retail CRM solution shone through. We currently partner with BT in the areas of merchandising and e-commerce and we’re looking forward to working closely with the CRM team and implementing our next phase of loyalty."

Jason Moon, IT Director, Notcutts

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