Delivering the connections that will drive your business forward

We’ll arm you with an agile platform to support future growth and services, which you can scale up and down quickly to meet changing needs. Our fully managed service will make your life easier and we offer a smooth migration, with minimal impact at site level.

"If there’s an issue with the system, regardless of whether it’s software, hardware or network, the stores have one number to call. BT Expedite takes ownership for every part of the system"

Tim Johnson, IT Director, Crabtree & Evelyn

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BT Cloud Compute

Data network solutions for retailers

The perfect blend of functionality, flexibility, scalability and price

Our Managed Network is a rigorously engineered and highly sophisticated solution. It’s scalable and flexible enough to evolve seamlessly and cost effectively – and resilient and reliable enough to keep employees and critical applications connected.

As well as delivering efficiency and productivity improvements, by aligning technology to site category, you’ll benefit from:

  • faster transaction processing
  • scope for delivering additional services
  • faster site provisioning and 3G backup/rapid deployment
  • internet breakout
  • flexible hardware options
  • project managed installation.

Data network solutions for retailers

BT Cloud Compute

Cut costs, react quickly and simplify your IT

BT Cloud Compute will help you respond more quickly to changing business needs, while reducing costs, increasing reliability and lowering your carbon footprint.  You can request, deploy and manage your own public and private infrastructure, including virtual machines, networks and storage.

With 99.95% assured availability, our global network will help you:

  • cut costs by up to 40% by paying only for what you use
  • respond to new challenges in seconds
  • reduce space, power and emissions through virtualisation technology.

Meraki Wi-Fi: Presence Analytics


The whole world is going mobile – are you?

Mobile retail requires a reliable, robust wi-fi infrastructure, to help you:

  • engage customers and boost the bottom line through new ways of selling
  • empower staff to check stock, take orders and process payments – and tap into training and support – anywhere in store
  • free up floorspace by reducing till points, stock and queues

Wi-fi can take stock management and customer service to whole new levels. And by plugging the gaps in data accuracy, it’s a massive step towards the holy grail of omni-channel retail.

Meraki Wi-Fi: Presence Analytics

Intelligent wi-fi means more accurate people counting and clearer retail trends

People counting

With almost everyone carrying a smart device, your wi-fi network is perfect for monitoring traffic in-store, enabling you to track repeat visits – and build a better picture of the time spent and route taken.

Retail patterns

Get a detailed breakdown of:

  • passerby visitors
  • time spent by buckets
  • new vs. repeat visits
  • peak vs. off hours

Compare between sites and tap into the data to improve marketing and optimise staffing.

"Having BT as a strategic partner has been a real boost to our progress this year – the pace at which we were able to work has been of huge benefit"

Andy Grainger, IT Director, Game Retail LTD

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Sales enquiries:

0870 850 6880

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