An inside view on the Internet Retailing Expo 2015

Hundreds of leading professionals gathered recently for this year’s Internet Retailing Expo in Birmingham. We joined the crowds and found plenty to get excited about in the world of online retail. Packed with insightful workshops and informative presentations, the event covered all the latest hot topics and current trends.  

Here are some of the themes that caught our eye:


Personalising user content Customers want to know what others are saying about the products they wish to buy. They want the sites they use to be tailored to them so the products they’re interested in are always right in front of them.


Not only does this highlight the need for content to be dynamic and personalised for the user, it also points to the increasing importance of user generated content in the form of reviews and social media.


Enhanced fulfilment

Delivery and collection options continue to grow in importance for customers. Next day delivery is great, but if it’s only offered during weekdays from 9-5 (when many people are at work), it’s not very helpful. Collection locations are springing up all the time and growth in this area is expected to continue. Excellent customer service before and after a purchase is vital for retaining customers.


Move to mobile

More than ever before, people are using mobile devices to shop online. But without the use of a keyboard and mouse, there are some pain points, particularly when checking out. Depending on where you take the stats from, the figure for abandoning the shopping cart before making a payment in mobile commerce can be as high as 93%.


Customers clearly find finger tapping to fill in addresses and credit card details to be quite a hassle. Luckily, there are a number of solutions coming out  which aim to meet this challenge.


Ultimately, great responsive or mobile friendly design wins over customers and gets them all the way to the checkout. If the site performs poorly on mobile, the user probably won’t add items to the basket in the first place.


All in all, the event was a great opportunity to meet with other retailer and suppliers. If you couldn’t make it, or didn’t have a chance to see it all, you can get the highlights from IRX 2015 online.


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